Sword Beach: Taking Pegasus Bridge June 6, 1944

Sword Beach was a successful British landing in Normandy thanks to the British Commandos who took the bridges over Orne and Caen Canals. Today it is known as Pegasus Bridge, named after the commandos unit who captured it.

The importance of capturing the bridges over these canals is explained by our guide Robert using an exhibit from Pegasus Bridge Museum.

The inability for the nearby German units to respond to the approximately 15,000 British troops coming ashore on Sword beach saved many lives and allowed the British to establish a successful beachhead in this sector of Normandy.

Dave Yoho-WWII Veteran-Pacific Theater

Dave Yoho began his career in the military by volunteering for service when he was only 15 years old! He served on the T-2 Class Navy ship “The Great Meadows” during WWII . This ship served primarily in the Pacific Ocean refueling (oiling) other Navy ships. He is 91 years old and makes an impact on everyone he meets! He graciously allowed me to interview him during the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

You can watch his 2017 Memorial Day speech at the following you tube link: